Our Features and Benefits

Wide Range of Equipment Capabilities

From mass-production to precision orders that require exact specifications before packaging or shipping, we have several machines that help us determine the best approach for your needs. More importantly, our large variety means whatever request you have, we’ll have a solution for you.

  • Automatic vertical saw
  • CAD-CAM profiler machine
  • Foam slabbing machine
  • Foam down cutters
  • Automatic glue machine
  • Band and table saws
  • Semi-automatic die cutter
  • Flat-bed corrugated die cutter
  • CNC routing
  • CNC laser
  • Beam die cutters
  • Programmable belt-fed die cutter
  • Smart welder
  • Automatic heat welding
  • Glue machines
  • Hot melt roller laminator
  • Sonic welding
  • Automatic foam slitter-sheeter
  • Dedicated storage racks for JIT inventory
  • Skiver
  • CAD sample cutting table
  • Waterjet cutting
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Packaging Kitting and Assembly Services

When you need multiple individual items assembled into a finished package, we have various kitting and packaging options to bundle everything in the way you need. Building several kits and putting your items together takes the worrisome process off your plate and gives you an efficient method to group your packaging. You can use our process to streamline and create an easy way to get your items kitted, assembled, and consolidated exactly as you, and your customers need.

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Design and Engineering Services

If you need specialty design and engineering for your protective packaging, we have an in-house design team with multiple certifications and over 30 years of experience to provide unique services you won’t find elsewhere. We can take in any file you provide, or design from scratch, then create a prototype right on the spot to get you exactly what you need.

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