Guidance Through Every Step

We are constantly brought unique challenges like bringing in a part that needs packaging, which can feel complicated. We make it simple. We have complete product design and engineering available, allowing us to have an answer for each step of protecting, and shipping, your product.

Step 1:


We’ll work with you to determine the size, cushioning, and special requirements you’ll need during shipping. If you have a 3D design or model, we can import that to discover what processes will be best for you. We can work with several file types, you can bring what you need packaged in, or even take a picture. Once we identify what we’re working on, we’ll move into design.

Step 2:


First, we design a solution for what you need packaged. From there, we will work with our in-house certified designers to build an CAD model of what we’ll make. We’ll determine the best materials, build specifications, and ensure it meets regulations, depending on how you’re shipping. Our team is Amazon APASS Certified, SAP – Simple As Possible Design Certified, and regularly have to meet IST standards.

Step 3:


Next, we import our CAD designs into our CNC equipment to quickly fabricate a sample to verify our designs print as required. From laser cutting, routers, and waterjet machinery, we’ll use the best configuration to manufacture a sample that verifies we are ready to move into testing.

Step 4:

Testing & Validation

Once we confirm the prototype matches what you were looking for, we will go through performance validation testing. Using drop testing, our nationally recognized and accredited laboratories will use interactive methods to validate what we’ve built will keep your product protected and secure. We’ll finish this stage knowing there’s a design that works and is ready for production.

Our equipment

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