The Right Fit for Your Needs

Saving Time and Money

We can provide cost-effective solutions and already have all the elements in place. Make your day-to-day less stressful knowing we have entire systems to get your products out to their destination.

Kitting – Complete Fulfillment

When you need products made ready for a consumer and sent, we can build a kit that works around what you make and how you need it sent. We understand getting all the pieces ready for a consumer in the right way can be difficult, but we can work with you to get everything packaged and prepared properly, including multiple box solutions.

Assembly - Let Us Handle the Details

Whether your product comes to us all at once or pieces need to arrive at separate times from various locations, we can assemble everything once it arrives at our facility. We’ll work with you to understand everything that has to go into your assemblies to avoid shipping mistakes and reduce your costs.

Packaging Kitting and Assembly Services

Putting your products together in a safe and consumer-friendly way takes care and attention to detail. Whether you have boxes and products that need to be placed together, or have several items coming in from different locations, we can work with you to get your items assembled, packaged, and in the hands of your customers safely and securely.

Our equipment

View all of our equipment and their capabilities.